About KD Janez Jalen
Humour, laughter and positive energy – fragments of our life walking hand in hand and at the same time an indispensable element of our every day life. This is particularly true considering the crisis we are facing today. These three elements represent one of the principal focuses of the Cultural Club Janez Jalen amateur theatre group. The club has its roots in the twenties of the previous century and has been present in the various spheres of amateur, i. e. nonprofessional production for more than six decades.
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Renovated Hall
Hall is located in in Notranje Gorice near Ljubljana (capital city of Slovenia) where is also the seat of our theatre group KD Janez Jalen. It was renovated in 2009 and from then on it is no longer just a "village theatre hall", but modern multimedia hall with high technological equipment. Thus, in addition to our theatrical performances and other cultural associations it holds many other events: charitable social events (bazaars, dancing evenings), travelogues, business presentations, seminars, musical events, etc.

In short: welcoming atmosphere, modern technology and professional staff (members of KD Janez Jalen) allow that hall satisfies the needs of everyone.

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MiX16 Apps
From years of technical experiences we also developed Mac OSX and iPad iOS apps for professional audio and video support in a theatre show or live performance. Apps were created by our professional theatre sound engineer Gregor Krasevec and are used by theatre engineers, stage managers, live show producers, choreographers, magicians, puppeteers, cruise ship comedians, school teachers and many more all over the world.

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Maron models, legacy of folk architecture
It is not all about theatre. Our member Marjan Rogelj is not just an actor and caretaker but also very good with his hands. Impressive!
Rich architectural tradition of Slovenian landscapes constitutes an important segment of the heritage of folk architecture. The use of natural building materials, their layout and functionality of today especially impresses in contemporary architecture. Stone and wood, the two most significant structural components that are used by our ancestors in the construction of their dwellings and ancillary buildings inspired by Marjan Rogelj to link them into a breadboard people's houses. His experience in wood processing, in particular, an excellent knowledge of stone treatment at the patient and meticulous work showed the first results. By carefully studying the characteristics of buildings built of stone and wood wants interweaving into their models of the architectural heritage of Slovenian regions.
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